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About Green Bricks

Green Bricks Education Society is a not-for-profit charity organization that develops and facilitates programs to youth connecting sustainability and our built environment through science-based, curriculum linked workshops.

About Green Bricks

Our Mandate and Goals

The youth of B.C. are at the optimal age to personalize an understanding of the issues around sustainable development and can apply these concepts to their lives now and in their future. The goals of our society are to:

  • Involve B.C. youth in sustainable land use and development through science-based, curriculum linked outreach programs
  • Empower B.C. youth to realize their ability to make change
  • Connect youth with resources to help them (and influence others) to make sustainable choices
  • Increase student awareness of sustainable careers relating to land use and the built environment

Green Bricks Presenters

  • Fiona is the Director of Skye Consulting, established in 2000. Skye Consulting provides a wide range of educational consulting services to the not-for-profit and public service sectors across Canada. Services provided include developing and facilitating educational program initiatives; designing and presenting teacher and classroom volunteer training workshops; and managing school and community-based events. Fiona is an educator with over 20 years of curriculum development experience in sustainability education.

Green Bricks Board of Directors

Green Bricks Education Society Membership Form

With your support, we can continue to work toward our vision of involving youth on issues around sustainable development and empowering them to apply these concepts to their lives now and in their future.