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Take action to green an area of your home, school, or community! Any positive action is an impactful action! Below are examples of what students can do. Green Bricks can provide ongoing support to ensure success with your sustainability initiative!

Grade 4 students proudly display their reusable water bottles.
Grade 4 students proudly display their reusable water bottles.

Elementary Classroom Ideas

  • Complete the Green Bricks Water Audit Challenge today!
  • Survey disposable water bottle use in your school and promote reusable water bottles
  • Get involved in World Water Day on March 22 and help celebrate water.
  • Take a field trip to explore our watersheds in BC. Lower Mainland grade 4 and 5 classrooms can register for Metro Vancouver’s Watershed Field Trips
  • Time the length of showers in your home and then promote shorter shower times
  • Create signs to display by the washing machine to promote cold water washing
  • Do you have another creative idea?
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