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Water Audit

Welcome to your Green Bricks Water Audit Form!

Every student who completes this activity “Water Wizards” by June 7, 2024 is entered into a draw for a class pizza party.

We enjoyed meeting you! Now you are Water Wizards! Show us how you can be a Water Wizard and help your family save water? As you know that we use more water in the bathroom than any other room in our home. So track your water use in the bathroom for a day (on a day when you take a shower).

Complete this water audit to show us how much water you can save in one day!

Congratulations to our 2022/23 winner: Centennial Park Elementary School in Abbotsford. We hope you enjoy your pizza party and THANK YOU for saving an average of 86L of water per student per day!!

Water Audit

Pizza Dog
Toilet Dog
Shower Dog
Toothbrush Dog

P.S. It may go brown but will grow green again in the Fall when the rain comes!

Drop of water and the earth