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Elementary waste

Green Bricks exploring our stuff

For Grade 5 students.

This 60-minute interactive science workshop engages students to understand the concept of zero waste in our region and globally. We raise student awareness on issues such as the Zero Waste Challenge and how we can re-frame garbage as a future resource. Workshop topics include the 3Rs, in particular, how important it is to reduce and re-use our resources, including the “how to” for recycling and composting, and solutions for sustainable waste management in our built environment. We explore the circular economy, and how we can remake materials and products to be used again and again, mimicking natural cycles in nature. 


B.C. Curriculum Connection


Grade/ Subject

Big Ideas


Grade 5 Science

Earth materials change as they move through the rock cycle and can be used as natural resources.

Sample questions to support inquiry with students:

  • How do we interact with water, rocks, minerals, soils, and plants?
  • How can Earth be considered a closed material system?
  • How can we act as stewards of our environment?

First Peoples concepts of interconnectedness in the environment i.e. everything in the environment is one/connected (e.g., sun, sky, plants and animals) and we have a responsibility to care for them.

The nature of sustainable practices around B.C.’s resources.