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Air Quality Audit

Welcome to your Love our Air Audit!

Every student who completes this activity “Love our Air Audit” by May 1, 2024 is entered into a draw for a class pizza party.

We enjoyed visiting your classroom.

Clean air is vital to our lives. We can take ACTION to keep our air clean. What kind of choices do you and your family make? Are you a Clean Air Champion?

Ask them to help you answer the following questions…

Air Quality Audit

Love our Air Audit

Pizza Dog

Check the items you NEED today. (Remember some things we need and some we want):

Needs vs Wants Girl

List ways you get to school or soccer practice:


When I ride my bike instead of taking the car, the following happens (check the ones that happen):

Dog in the passenger's seat

When your grass grows too long in the summer, check what you do:


What does your family do with your garden waste after you cut the lawn:

Daisy's and Grass

It's raining outside and a little tiny bit chilly indoors. Check the things you would do:


Check around your doors and windows: Do you have weather stripping? (Remember that sticky stuff we showed you?)


True or False: If we have a pile of wet wood, we always dry it first before we burn it in the fireplace (hint happens when we burn wet wood?)

Weather Stripping
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