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Energy Audit

Welcome to this Energy Audit

Every student who completes this activity “Energy Shifters” by June 7, 2024 is entered into a draw for a class pizza party.

We enjoyed visiting your classroom. Now you a great energy shifter. Show us how! We use energy for lots of things, like heating our homes, lighting our rooms, keeping our food cold in the fridge, plugging in our computers, washing our clothes and the list goes on… How much energy does your family use in your home? Can you help your family use less and save money on the energy bills? Ask your family to help.

Complete this energy audit to show us how much energy you can save in your home.

Energy Audit

Pizza Dog

Do you have "energy star" appliances in your home?

Hint: Energy Star appliances have a logo that tells us your appliance uses less energy! Check out all your appliances and check the ones with this logo (if you can't see the logo ask an adult if it is Energy Star):

P.S. If any of your appliances break tell your family about "energy star" and they can save energy and money! (BC Hydro Appliance Rebates)

Energy Star appliances

It's laundry day and it's a sunny day:


A TV uses a lot of energy too:

3 kids
Sweater Cat

Check around your doors and windows:

P.S. Stopping those leaks and drafts will make your home much more comfortable.


Go around your home now:

Weather Stripping